There is only one glove.

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Role: Editor / A Film by: Ericka Frederick
Court métrage – Short Film Corner -Festival De Cannes

“Out of Reluctance” – A trip to India and the Peppercorn Jungles.

Client: Reluctant Trading Experiment
Role: Editor

Clip from “The Providence Effect” – A Documentary Feature

Role: Editor
Produced by: Dinosaurs of the Future

Trailer for “The Providence Effect” – A Documentary Feature

Role: Editor (not the trailer)
2009, Winner, “Best Documentary”. Omaha Film Festival
2009, Winner, “Most Inspirational Documentary”, Seattle True Independent Film Festival
2009, Winner, “Audience Choice Best Documentary”, Lake County Film Festival

“Man and Wife in Bed” – A scene from the feature film “One Man’s Ceiling”

Premiered at the 1997 Telluride film festival.
Role: Writer/Director.

Clip from “Harvey Family”

Family Legacy video
Role: Camera/Editor
Produced by: Row Four Productions

“The Jogger and the Vagrant Redux”

Role: Writer/Director/Camera
Super 8mm Microfilm for Film Bureau **606

“The Power of the Dog”

A tribute to my sweet Lab Gracie

“Ball Washer” – It washes balls

Shot with a Digital Harinezumi. Selected to be on display at a 4-day exhibition at Space 15 Twenty Gallery in Los Angeles titled, “Harinezumi: Where Your Heart Should Be.”

One Man’s Ceiling on Fox

At the Tribeca Film Festival